whoa can we just talk about this game

I played it for like 5 hours last night

it’s a flash platforming game with a philosophical dilemma at the end of each level, which is essentially the coolest thing ever

it keeps track of your answers and at the end plots you on a graph with a bunch of famous thinkers/historical figures (I ended up nearest amelia earhart, go figure I did like 15 book reports on her in elementary school) and lets you know what type of thinker you are

I also thought the avatar creator was pretty cool because it doesn’t explicitly force you to pick boy or girl

the controls are a little janky but overall I thought the level design was really nice and the last few levels manage to be both fun and challenging

good game. would recommend. you should be playing this

woah this game is neat 

i’ve been playing this for the past 2 hours or so

so good

hnnnng someone remind me of this when I’m no longer overseas please

i remember playing this game a few years ago

it’s fun

ooh, this looks neat

this is the game matt made me play the other night!! I am a truth-teller who is most like Muhammad ibn Zakariyā Rāzī o:


Reblogging to play when I’m not at work.

This game is fucking badass. I love it. Genuinely challenging at times, as well. Loving it. I’m only about half-way through and It says i’m most like Mary Shelley.

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