Awful pretty out this morning though

I wish that fake article bout diddy getting arrested for the murder of 2pac was real. Knew it had to be a hoax though. We all know suge did it.

I just wanna stay home and hug my cat all night smh

Cooking turkey burgers on the grill that have mac and cheese in the center lolll

My bff messaged me yesterday and said god told her that I should dress up as punk rock wonder woman (concept art reblogged yesterday) for Halloween and she’s fucking right man after consideration she’s fucking right, it’s gonna happen.

sometimes I like to go on and just look at band merch for 2 hours then close the page and heave a sigh heavy enough to be heard from miles around. they call me the sighing lady of Bradshaw. Legend has it that i’m doomed to roam the earth for centuries searching the rarest vintage gear until the earth has been burned to bits and the human race ceases to exist. Only then will I be free from the bonds of looking 2 fresh.  Real tragedy, that.

I miss Breaking Bad.

dr-mindbender actually it’s made by Blue Dawg brewing out of NY, but I thought it was Flying Dog at first as well. Label styles look EXTREMELY similar.


I really wanna start working on some post apocalyptic stuff for cosplay/costume but I can’t see spending 85 bucks on a vintage hooded military jacket to absolutely fucking destroy it and throw it into the dirt lol

army surplus stuff in the US is way too fucking high man I wanna make cool stuff so bad but I can’t bring myself to spend that much money on something i’m essentially going to destroy


All of these are of my hometown.


people first Some of my best friends up here. The first pic and the last pic .. they are brothers just in case you couldn’t tell :)

Those pics of the savage brothers got me crying with laughter man looool

Good times man. Good times indeed.