Classic Primus Lineup Reunites for Wild Willy Wonka Album, Tour, Candy

Papadosio is releasing a new live album on my birthday (8/8)  =D

I opened up a fortune cookie and it said,

"Before you can do something you must first be something."


Key to great CG animation = Birds.

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Tall little Sally plays with magic pebbles
Dasha sells equipment to the Chechnya rebels

Sally, all empires fall, even trends they fade away
Even complete strangers can lead you astray
But goddamnit, this round is on me
Nobody learns no nothing from no history

Got free cable cause I know somebody
Got some broke patnahs that’ll throw somebody
Not pickin up the phone cause I owe somebody
Got a twamp note I’mma photocopy
A date with me was all kinda fun
Go to the restaurant, dine, and run
The bank might keep declinin’ em
But these hundred dollar checks, I’m signin ‘em
The rubber on my sneakers used to flap when walkin’
It looked like two little muppets talkin’
“Ay, w’sup baby? Do you come here often?
Oh, I got some new shoes. They just haven’t been brought in.”
This old ripped jacket is cuz I’m an artist
I’ll burn rubber on you if my car will get started
The third month avoidin landlords is the hardest
It’s only funny cuz you don’t see where the scar is

stay pressed


The Devil makes three- The bullet 

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